Introducing a powerful, flexible
kit that lets you build YOUR game!

Created by JNA Mobile, authors of the popular 2D Platform Controller,
Platformer PRO distills knowledge from our hundred of customers
to provide the ultimate Platform Game Kit for Unity.

Many Diverse Samples

The images here show just a snapshot of the many samples included.

Highly Customisable

Platformer PRO uses extensible, pluggable systems, with heaps of built-in options.

Editor Integration

Use custom menus, tooltips, and inspectors to easily configure your game.

Complex Manouevers

Includes powerful ledge climbing and mecanim driven movements to add flair to your character.

Does the Hard Stuff

Platformer PRO includes the tricky stuff most other kits don't, this includes: 360 degree loops, gravity flip, swimming, ropes, and much more.

Does the Extra Stuff

Platformer PRO is not just limited to movement. It includes in-game configurable inputs, event system, power-ups, attacks, persistence, level selects, menus, and more!

Available on the Unity Asset Store